Wildflower Ridge Llamas

Pack llama rental in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Welcome to Wildflower Ridge Llama Rentals

Located in the foothills of Colorado, Wildflower Ridge Llamas has been raising and renting llamas since 1998.  All our animals are experienced packers, ready for your next trek, be it backpacking, camping, fishing, hunting or siteseeing. 

Originating in the Andes Mountains of South America, llamas have been used as beasts of burden for over 4000 years. As such they've been called the "pickup of the Andes".

This history makes llamas ideally suited for trekking in the high mountains of Colorado. Sure-footed and self-sufficient, they make packing easy even for those with little or no experience. They are large enough to carry a stout load (around 70 pounds), but not so big as to be intimidating.  I have had kids as young as 7 years old handle adult llamas with no trouble.

Wildflower Ridge Llamas leases trained pack llamas (and all the equipment) for those wishing to create their own trips. We do not guide nor go out on the trail with you. This affords you the freedom to choose your own destination. In addition to leasing, we do school visits, scout trips, church activities (such as live nativity scenes), and parades. If you just want to meet a llama, give us a shout to make sure we're going to be around, and stop out. If you have other ideas, give us a call and we'll see what works.

This site is divided into four sections. To learn more about llama packing, click on FAQ. For rates and leasing information, click on Rates. To meet our herd of llamas, click on The Boys. To see some pictures of llamas in action, click on Trips. Thank you for looking.


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